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God, not man, preserves Garden of Eden for eternity

U.N. actions hold little interest, but God’s acts promise much.

Corporate boardroom: Worldly business mentality enters church

Worldly business mentality invades the church

Even conservative and sound congregations adopt worldly management practices.


Giving 99% β€” a gift larger than Zuckerberg’s

Writer remembers a gift greater than the Facebook billionaire.


Embrace the risk: Roberta Edwards suffered for the Cross

Kingdom pain is central to the fulfillment of the mission.


Sunday sets the saints’ entire week

The Sunday assembly is central to Christians’ faith and mission.


Man’s part in salvation: ‘Loosers’ attempt systematic dismemberment of Bible teaching

People disparage man’s part in salvation, trying to remove obedience as essential action.


Culture named word of the year at Merriam-Webster. And in the brotherhood?

The editor shares his perspective on the idea of culture as a prime tool for progressives in the church.


Flowers of grace in the midst of the mess

The process of transferring BNC and other Forthright/GoSpeak websites has not been without bumps.

Editorial: We find strength in fellowship of suffering

The editor shares thoughts about recent stories in Ukraine and Nigeria, as well as God’s work through the little people. And a note on site improvements.

Editorial: The pattern of apostolic teaching provides for every need

Sharing God’s work among his people confirms the truth of the gospel.

A prayer, a perspective and an appeal

A rare op-ed by BNc’s editor on objective journalism and the need for readers’ input.

Gun-control or self-control? ‘More laws may not have the intended effect’

Hugh Fulford says gun-control laws won’t solve the problem. A different solution is needed.

Will ours become a cut-flower civilization?

Chuck Webster gives yet another reason to pray for government leaders.

A better reason to sign up to BNc

Our email subscription service has changed. Please sign up!

Peace on Earth

Did you hear about the guy who attacked a woman at the Thanksgiving Day dinner table? She was sitting in the chair he wanted, so he attacked her…

Beware of hoaxes about the Bible

An environmental and minerals engineer warns against passing on untrue claims about the Bible.

Minister impressed with churches’ disaster response

One minister is encouraged by the response of churches of Christ to the recent disasters around the world: “we are showing our good works as a light and pointing all glory to our wonderful God!”

Moving forward in 2011

The editors and staff of thank you for your support over the last year. We’re nearing the end of our third year since our official launch, and…

Effects of change within the church

One Man’s Story: Spiritual and Emotional Effects of Change Within the Church Special editorial for BNc, by Daron Hoggatt β€œAnd he said to them: ‘You have a fine…

Chaplain in Afghanistan ponders ramp ceremony

By Capt. Anthony Holloway, Family Life Chaplain In a recent sermon, a fellow officer delivered a message that made me sit back and think. Maj. Jerry Sayre said…