james-randal-2014-novAs Spring wobbles uncertainly to arrive in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn marches in the Southern, we’d like to take a moment here at BNc to say that we appreciate the help and prayers of our readers.

Just as the seasons go different directions north and south, so our readers are spread around the globe as well. That is as it should be, and we hope to see both coverage and readership grow from all four corners.

A prayer

The brotherhood in the US and, as a result, in many other countries faces a challenging moment. Twisted doctrines fly from congregation to congregation. Denominational and postmodern influences flow freely among us. The lines grow blurred.

We seek to serve a brotherhood that sets Scripture as its infallible and only guide, that finds in the New Testament its pattern for work and worship, and that depends upon the power of God’s Spirit to perform its task in the world, as it follows the steps of the Savior.

So our stories also seek to highlight those congregations and saints who follow those convictions, just as our own Convictions page states.

To that end, we covet your prayers. It’s an arduous task, one for which we’re all too aware of our inadequacies.

A perspective

At times, to remind ourselves of the dangers of the directions we do not wish to follow, we report on tendencies on the fringes, or beyond, the ranks of the faithful. It is not our desire to be harsh or cruel, but neither will we pretend nothing is amiss among us.

No journalism, secular or religious, is neutral as far as values, and those who pretend it is either are self-deceived or have hidden agendas. That does not mean that journalism cannot be objective, but the convictions and worldview of the reporters and editors become evident both by the choice of what they cover and how they cover it.

An appeal

So, finally, here’s the appeal: As an all volunteer staff, we need, besides your prayers, your input. Tell us what you like in terms of presentation, visuals, and information. Provide us with tips and, even better, complete reports and stories (not advertisements!).

Our editors and correspondents are spread out over several continents and countless countries. But they are up to their elbows in their own ministries and efforts. Their time is short.

Nobody earns a living and nobody gets paid for working with BNc. It would be good if one or two could devote themselves full-time to this effort. We don’t, however, see that happening any time soon.

So please give us a hand. Gather up the details, write it up, take a photo, and send it to us. We’ll do the editing, but we can’t fabricate the facts.

A heads-up

We also will be tinkering now and again with the website. Right now, we’re experimenting with some options for themes, or how the site is presented visually. If something doesn’t work for you, let us know. If something strikes your fancy, we’d also like to hear about it. Your feedback is our oxygen.

The seasons will continue to turn, until the Lord Jesus puts a stop to the cycles to usher in an eternal stasis of joy and renewal. Until then, we are grateful to be a part of the ebb and flow of his kingdom on the ground, among the nations, where, eventually, the Way will lead into the celestial gates upon which we have set our hope.