Editorial: BNc celebrates first year on the web

by J. Randal Matheny, editor (BNc) -- A year ago today, BrotherhoodNews.com made its official launch. With a couple of hands on board and a small group of well-wishers to see us off, the crew of BNc took the fair winds and blue skies as a harbinger of blessing for our voyage. With no backing … Continue reading Editorial: BNc celebrates first year on the web

The Christian Editor’s Creed

WGN FEATURE by J. Randal Matheny These ten commandments for the editor of Christian publications attempt to express something of the ethic that we work by here at WGN. Others who work with Biblical and Christian magazines, periodicals, journals and bulletins may find them of some use as well. Suggestions to improving this list are … Continue reading The Christian Editor’s Creed