SÃO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS, Brazil (BNC) — Over the past two months, the team of Forthright / GoSpeak has been transferring most of its websites to a new hosting service. The process has not been without bumps.

On the BNC site, none of the photos or images survived the transfer. Some of the latest stories also disappeared into cyberspace.

Online Christian journalism is a blessing in many ways, but adds extra burdens in other ways, especially when the work is divided among a few.

In the midst of these transfers our BNC family has had deaths of close family members, serious accidents, extended travel, congregational challenges, and other large occupiers of time and energy.

As this move nears conclusion, we wanted to reaffirm our commitment to bringing you exclusive stories of saints and congregations that will strengthen your faith and encourage you in your spiritual journey.

We pray that the mess we create and even the old pieces left behind will still serve as fertile ground for the grace of God to flower.