CAMPINAS, Brazil (BNC) — Blane Anderson, a volunteer World English Institute (WEI) teacher who worships with the Westside congregation in Norman OK, arrived in Campinas Nov. 23 for personal follow-up of 10 of his online students. For two weeks Anderson studied with 10 students who wanted to improve their Bible and English knowledge.

By using the Bible as a textbook, Anderson and WEI teachers study the Scriptures with students while simultaneously helping them to improve their English skills. Anderson says, “America has a long tradition of using the Bible as a means to help people learn how to read and write.”

Front of building where Guanabara church meets

Guanabara church’s building

Campinas is located about 50 miles north of Sao Paulo and is considered to be an affluent area by Latin American standards. It is home to the University of Campinas, one of the highest-ranked universities in all of Latin America.

Anderson partnered with the congregation located in the Guanabara neighborhood of Campinas because of his home congregation’s long-standing support of missionaries and Campinas residents, Allen and Robin Dutton.

“During my time in Campinas, I have been blessed to study God’s word with some great students. One student told me he had never studied the Bible before until he began his lessons with me. This is gratifying but also very sobering,” Blane said.

“Have no doubt — yes, WEI helps people improve their English, but our first and foremost objective is to tell our students there is a God who loves them and has a plan for their life,” he said.

The Guanabara congregation is a vibrant and active congregation who has been involved in church plants around the area. During Anderson’s brief stay, eight baptisms took place.

“This is the type of congregation any person would want to be a part of. I have encouraged my daughter, who is an international teacher living in China, to put Campinas on her list of future employment possibilities,” he said.

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