WINONA, Miss. (BNc) — As a religious studies resource, GoSpeak/Forthright has launched Christendom News, hosted on the Twitter microblogging service.

Already 33 news sites and services are included in the feed. Both large news organizations and smaller ones are represented. Sites such as Christianity Today, Religion News, World magazine, World Vision, and the Vatican are included.

Some denominational news services are represented as well, among them Baptists, Presbyterians, and Methodists; others cater to subsets such as Pentecostalism. Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox divisions also have their feeds included.

The service is informational only and does not endorse the reports or stories to which it links. This is important to note, since the service rebroadcasts headlines written by the news services themselves.

Twitter is the second source of online news in social media, after Facebook. Many major news stories have broken through its posts, or tweets, such as the Obama bin Laden raid and death. So hosting Christendom News service on Twitter makes sense.

Christendom News seeks to fulfill at least two objectives:

  1. It serves as a good resource for religion news in general and allows researchers to get a good feel for news that interests those religions that style themselves Christian and for tendencies among them.
  2. The service also includes the BNc feed in its tweets and displays a link to Forthright Press in the profile, providing an introduction to many in the religious world who might not otherwise have knowledge of the restoration plea.

labarumChristendom News pulls RSS feeds from the religion sites automatically and republishes them through its Twitter account.

The news service uses the Chi Rho (right), an ancient symbol used to indicate Christianity. The two Greek letters are imposed upon each other to form a monogram. They are the first letters for the word “Christ.”

An alternative to following the Twitter account is through access to GoSpeak’s Christian Hub site, located in the lower right. The RSS feed and the Facebook page (the latter still in progress) are also options, although both are subject to the constantly changing whims of the sponsoring services.

GoSpeak is the ministry effort that published BNc, Forthright Magazine, The Fellowship Room, and a host of other websites. Forthright Press is the publishing arm of GoSpeak.