GRESHAM, Ore. (BNC) — An email letter sent today from the World English Institute to its teachers stated that 30% of WEI’s internet students claim Islam as their religion.

When you watch TV and see the murderous atrocities committed against people simply because they claim Christianity as their religion, do you feel sick and helpless?  The greatest threat to world peace and security in our time is radical Islamic Jihad.  The only way to defeat these forces of Satan is by changing the hearts and minds of people by teaching them the Word of God.

We do not believe there is a more effective Christian ministry for reaching the world of Islam than World English Institute.  Because we teach English, and our name is generic, Internet access to WEI is not blocked by even the most oppressive Muslim countries.  Thirty percent of our WEI Internet students claim Islam as their religion.  We are flying under the radar penetrating the Muslim “Iron Curtain” with the saving Gospel of Christ.  As a result, many Muslims are turning to Christianity and accepting Christ in baptism.  To God be the glory!

WEI teaches the Bible in English through print courses and online. It has offices in Oregon and Tennessee.

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