ROSENBERG, Tex. (BNC) by Eddie Parrish — One way in which God has blessed me in my work with the Graeber Road congregation is through Allen Hahn. Before moving here I only knew of Allen, but what I had heard was good. Since moving here in Aug., 2014, I have come to know, love, and appreciate him greatly. His 38 years of full-time preaching and teaching at Graeber Road created an atmosphere among the membership of deep love for the Lord, appreciation for solid and sound Biblical teaching, and a spirit of unity and brotherhood that fosters a lot of good work.

Allen was born in Seguin, Tex., and grew up in New Braunfels. Following graduation from high school and a brief career as a salesman, he entered Oklahoma Christian University and graduated with a B.A. degree in Bible. Allen married Janice Johnson while a student at O.C.U. They have four children, 12 grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. He preached for three congregations in Oklahoma and two in Texas before coming to Graeber Road in 1976. Since 1993 Allen has made annual extended trips to southern India to encourage Christians there, train preachers, and conduct evangelistic meetings. He has also written material for Indian preachers to use in their teaching.

I’m grateful to be able to call Allen my friend and my co-laborer in the kingdom at Graeber Road. And I’m glad that he was willing to answer “Five Questions.”

Eddie Parrish: Would you share a brief lesson or practical application from something you’re presently working on (sermon, Bible class, article, etc.)?

Preacher Allen Hahn

Preacher Allen Hahn

Allen Hahn: While looking through a file on John’s gospel, I came across a brief lesson written by Jack Wilhelm 35 years ago. It dealt with the way John introduced Jesus in chapter one.

I began working on a sermon concerning how we can introduce Jesus to people as

  1. The Eternal One (1:1-3),
  2. The Incarnate One (1:14),
  3. The Superior One (1:17, 25-27),
  4. The Rejected or Accepted One (1:10-11,12).

I am also working on lessons of leadership from Nehemiah for a future trip to India.

EP: What preacher or elder has significantly influenced you, and what are some lessons that you learned from him?

AH: I gained the desire to preach from Hugo McCord. I benefited most from the life and work of Raymond Kelcy, a man who perfectly combined scholarship with a humble and sweet spirit. He taught me the importance of preaching lessons that are easy for all to understand. His sermons were clear and well-arranged. He never flaunted his education and listened patiently when people talked to him.

EP: Is there a book you have read recently that you would recommend?

AH: Because I am currently teaching the book of Daniel, I am reading a little booklet by John MacArthur, Elements of True Prayer, based on Daniel 9:1-19. It is doubtful we give Daniel enough attention when the subject of prayer is discussed. I am reading again the book Instrumental Music and New Testament Worship by James D. Bales. It needs to be read slowly!

EP: When you have experienced discouragement in your ministry, what piece of advice or passage of scripture has really helped you through it?

AH: I made up my mind years ago not to be puffed up by praise, nor pulled down by criticism. I also knew that discouragement would not benefit anyone except the devil. I have tried to remember what Paul wrote to Timothy about the need to “endure” (II Tim. 2:3; 2:10; 2:12; 4:5 NKJV). God has also blessed me with a wonderful supportive wife who has kept me from forgetting why I gave my life to this work.

EP: Why do you love preaching?

AH: From the moment I decided to preach, more than 53 years ago, I have never wanted to do anything else. I love preaching because I believe the message we preach is man’s only hope for eternal life in God’s presence. I want to help people go to heaven. Whatever small part I have in that gives me a joy and satisfaction that can be found in no other work.

EP: Allen, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your heart with the Barnabas Network readers. And I can’t thank you enough for your friendship and for your ongoing presence and activity at Graeber Road.

Eddie followed Allen as the pulpit minister at Graeber Road. He writes on the Barnabas Network, from where this interview was taken with his kind permission.