Preacher sees need for ‘application of true Christianity’, gives 12 principles for life

Hugh Fulford says, "Unfortunately, there is a great deal of unhappiness, discontent, and lack of meaning in the lives of many people. People endure an existence, but they are not truly living. There is no joy or real purpose in their life. Christ does not want it to be that way."

Texas church sponsors forum on politics

The Granbury Street congregation in Cleburne, Tex., will sponsor its annual open forum Feb. 27, highlighting the theme, "Politics and Religion" (PDF here). Given the nature of the theme, BNc asked Kevin W. Rhodes, preacher finishing his second master's degree in Political Science, about the forum. BNc: What is the purpose of the annual open … Continue reading Texas church sponsors forum on politics

HTH launches Bible website

JACKSONVILLE, Ala. (BNc) -- The House to House/Heart to Heart ministry, a work of the Jacksonville church, launched a new website Feb. 1, BNc talked to Luke Griffin, webmaster for the site, about the idea behind the launch. BNc: Why another online Bible site? Luke: The other online Bible sites (Biblegateway, Blue Letter Bible, … Continue reading HTH launches Bible website