Why preachCOOKEVILLE, Tenn. (BNc) — Buddy Johnson, pulpit minister with the Jefferson Ave. congregation, replied on the Nov. 2 iPreach podcast to a question by cohost Adam Faughn about when to preach on issues that are both political and moral.

His partial reply included the observation that a preacher may say to himself, “Hey, I want hang on to my job,” so he might tend to ignore moral issues which are politically charged.

“We do have a responsibility to address these issues from the pulpit,” Buddy said.

The observation is a generalization, of course, and ought to be considered as such. But if it is anywhere near correct, even as a generalization, it means the Lord’s church has preachers who are self-serving and catering to their audience, because they care more for their jobs than for fulfilling a ministry.

The entire podcast deals carefully and thoughtfully with the issues of the last election, but the statement above raises concerns that churches, preaching schools, and elderships should deal with.

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  1. I strongly believe a Christian is obligated to vote and to vote properly representing the Christ When moral or spiritual issues are seriously at stake (as in this past election), I generally believe one should preach on those issues. … However, there are three other reasons for not preaching on an election (beside the “play it safe” position noted above). 1. Some preachers are not intelligent enough to think through the issues. 2. Some realize their personality and/or communication skills are so abrasive they (rightly) worry about doing more harm than good. 3. (This is a large matter) Some congregations are already close to exploding over some issue/issues or personality/personalities, Preachers therein wisely avoid being a spark which explodes the work.

  2. I would quaify myself as not a preacher but a retired airconditioning repairman; but we are a kingdom of priest! As to ones calling it is not always the same some are called by their own desires, some by their grandmothers desire and there are those who spend a lot of time on their knees in their prayer closet. God blessed me recently through a brother in Christ who had given me his copy of the Magnolia Messenger, in which had a article by a brother who walks in the spirit and recieved his calling from God and as head of Faulkner Bible School of preaching has seen many pass through it’s doors. It is my prayer that they were all called by God but it as the church, you can teach and preach but some wil have ears that itch for their own desires. My reason for this response is to bring attention to this very Godly man who is my elder, young men be in submission to your Elders and has been a Shepheard in the Kingdom for sometime. Bless your self with God’s presance call the Magnolia Messenger and get a copy of the July- September issue and read Brother Cecil May’s article on the rulers of our nation. I would like to reccommend 3 passages, Daniel 4:17, Daniel 5:21and I’ll paraphrase Jesus Christ is the same today,yesterday and tommorow and as we know this speaks of the very nature of God and his sovereighty. In Christ Iron sharpens Iron Bill Cartwright.