Why preachCOOKEVILLE, Tenn. (BNc) — Buddy Johnson, pulpit minister with the Jefferson Ave. congregation, replied on the Nov. 2 iPreach podcast to a question by cohost Adam Faughn about when to preach on issues that are both political and moral.

His partial reply included the observation that a preacher may say to himself, “Hey, I want hang on to my job,” so he might tend to ignore moral issues which are politically charged.

“We do have a responsibility to address these issues from the pulpit,” Buddy said.

The observation is a generalization, of course, and ought to be considered as such. But if it is anywhere near correct, even as a generalization, it means the Lord’s church has preachers who are self-serving and catering to their audience, because they care more for their jobs than for fulfilling a ministry.

The entire podcast deals carefully and thoughtfully with the issues of the last election, but the statement above raises concerns that churches, preaching schools, and elderships should deal with.

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