Abortion issue

Wes McAdams

ABILENE, Tex. (BNc) — American Christians have a ‘providential’ opportunity in the next presidential election to save millions of unborn children, Wes McAdams, pulpit preacher with the Baker Heights congregation, wrote yesterday.

In Esther’s time, the lives of her people were on the line. In our time, the lives of millions of unborn children are on the line. Did you know our next president will likely help decide what happens on the abortion issue for the next 40 years? Four of our current Supreme Court Justices are past the average age for retirement. Which means, the next president will almost certainly appoint someone to the Supreme Court. If Rowe vs. Wade is going to be overturned, if millions of lives are going to be saved, if good is going to triumph over this evil, we must make a stand now!

Esther took advantage of the opportunity that was given to her and she saved lives! We too must see our opportunity to vote as a gift, providentially given to us by God. We could selfishly squander this opportunity and vote for the candidates we think most greatly benefit our interests. We could be apathetic and sit silently at home, while someone else decides the fate of unborn children. Or, we could take advantage of the freedoms, rights, and privileges afforded us in this country and choose to save lives!

Wes kindly replied to a BNc query about his article.

BNc: Do you see abortion as the main issue of this next election?

Wes: I think abortion has been, and should continue to be, the major issue in every election. Certainly there are other issues about which I am concerned, but nothing else compares to the issue of life. Over a million babies a year are murdered in this country, and Christians should do everything within our power to make sure these murders are stopped.

BNc: You didn’t recommend a candidate, but come close, since most people probably know what both candidates’ positions are. Do you feel you’re pushing the envelope?

Wes: I will never publicly recommend a candidate. Mostly because there are many brethren who cannot in good conscience vote for either major-party candidate. There are several pro-life third-party candidates for whom many will vote. While I might disagree with the effectiveness of that strategy, I cannot discount their character or convictions. I don’t think it’s necessary that Christians vote for the Republican candidate, but that they ask, “How can I best use my vote to the glory of God?”

BNc: Do you think people know enough to take what you’ve said to make the right choice on the ballot?

Wes: I think some people are inconsistent in their morality. On the one hand, they will say they are for ending abortion. Yet, they will vote for candidates, all day long, who are advocates for abortion. There will be people who read this article, nod their head in agreement, and still vote for a man who supports the murder of millions of unborn children. I just cannot understand that type of illogical behavior. But I do hope and pray there are those with tender hearts who will examine their motives and their options before they decide what to do on Election Day.

The Lord’s Church can’t be silent on these issues. These are not political issues, like economic policies, these are moral issues. And our God is the author of morality’s standard. We must allow God’s Word to dictate what we say, how we say it, and how we vote.