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New Gospel Advocate head shares vision of company direction

Randy Duke gives exclusive interview to BNC about company’s future.

‘Not puffed up by praise, nor pulled down by criticism:’ Interview with Allen Hahn

Eddie Parrish interviews long-time Texas gospel preacher.

Doubts focus on God’s faithfulness or love, writer says in series

Michigan writer clears up doubt with Bible examples.

Budding publisher kicks trend with third release: ‘Bible 101’

Kentucky couple see opportunities still in print media, but with a different style.

Interview: Brad Harrub on evolution-morals debate

BNc interviewed Brad Harrub about his recent debate over evolution and morality.

Video: ‘Giving Him Back to God’ interview

Beth Baker of the Maple Hill church in Paducah, Ky., speaks about her autistic son and the struggles they faced.

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