DURHAM, N.C. (BNc) — Gospel preacher Sean O’Brien provides a “loving response” today to the news of a Ft. Worth church’s announcement that an instrumental music worship service would be implemented. The response comes from the website and video series Daily Exhoration. The effort is sponsored by the Durham congregation.



  1. Thank you Randy for sharing this. This young man has a lot of Bible wisdom and I appreciate him using it to spread the truth. Blessings

  2. Well researched and presented message. You are applying what you stated from scriptures “they need to be marked and avoided,” with love. If other churches remain silent on this topic, I fear that the future will see more and more elders giving in to popular demand for instruments to be used in worship. Taking a stand now for truth in a spirit of love will help prevent this from happening. On a sad note, it’s sad that seasoned elders have to be admonished by a young minister–elders are the ones given the charge to watch over the fold and their souls. It appears many churches today are losing ground because their elders are incapable or not willing to stand on firm ground for the gospel of Christ. God never intended for the eldership to become a popularity office; some are there for the honor of the position and not for service to God. God will have the final say on their souls.

  3. EXCELLENT!!!!! lesson by this young man. Every person that belongs to the church; this should be a mandatory lesson to listen to. I pray all christians every where would have these same strong convictions as this young man seems to have; for without it I’m afraid many that claim to be a part of the LORD’S body will be lost. Just claiming to be a member is not going to suffice.

  4. Thank you Randy for the excellent points, we need to keep in the forefront of our Lives.

    I thank you for time and willingness to speak in Spirit and Truth.

  5. If more of those who are in congregations with the progressive trouble maker elders just ask for the resignation of the elders instead of the members leaving the congregation. There is nothing special about an eldership that the membership cannot ask them to step down. They are only serving at the behest of the membership. So brethren, claim your congregation and place in that congregation. Throw the bums out!

    1. I agree with you Stanley Adams, the congregation needs to get rid of elders who do not keep the pattern and commandments set forth by GOD in HIS word. I believe that this practice of letting elders change things the way THEY want and not what GOD wants will cause many people to lose their souls. The bible teaches us that the elders are to have rule over us “for they watch for our souls” but when they depart from the truth we as christians must stand up for the truth or our own soul come into jeopardy. I commend highly the young man’s lesson in love towards that congregation. If we all could adhere to the same strong convictions the church would be more united and a whole lot stronger. We wouldn’t have to spend so much time in “keeping the saved saved.” We could spend much more time in seeking and teaching those who not the truth. Just a few thoughts. Trying to serve the MASTER, christian love, Trina