PALO ALTO, Calif. (BNC) — In two separate incidents in recent days, the social medium, has removed posts by brothers in Christ who spoke against homosexuality.

Jamie Suiter reported today that on Mar. 12  the popular brotherhood Facebook Page, “Added to the church of Christ,” was asked to remove a post on homosexuality.  According to page  owner Stephane Maillet and editor Tony Brewer, they were told it classified as “hate speech” under the Facebook guidelines.

Before being deleted from the page it had reached over 60,000 views.

Facebook threatened to remove the entire page and shut it down, Jamie said. The post reported to Facebook was a meme/chart with scriptures shedding light on what God thought of the gay and lesbian lifestyle. It said that people are not born gay and called for repentance and a new life as Christians.

The page “Added to the church of Christ” has over 10,300 users signed up to receive notifications on new posts. Behind the page is a website called Stephane Maillet is administrator, Tony Brewer, editor, and Paul Mays, moderator.

Stephane commented on the incident:

“Friends, Facebook has removed our post quoting homosexuality as a sin (violation of their terms, “hate speech”), and has warned us this page may be removed forever (a work created 2012). This is a result of the gay community taking “offence” at the truth. They came to OUR page (a well known Bible page) to attack and shut us down.

Let it be known that none of the MANY who cursed at us, threatened us, mocked us and the God of the Bible, have had any discipline from Facebook. We are free in Christ, but no longer free in the western world, we are slaves to the intolerant homosexual agenda, hateful bullies raging murder on all who disagree with their perversion.

Pray with us that God allows this work to continue. May peace remain in our minds as darkness grows around us.”

In a separate incident, Kevin Key, a graduate of East Tennessee School of Preaching and Missions and a minister in McMinnville, Tenn., remarked Mar. 17 that Facebook had also forced removal of a post of his about homosexuality.

Facebook removed my post from yesterday on homosexuality and the Bible due to a complaint by a liberal reader. Where is my freedom of speech? Why are ungodly views permitted, but not biblical facts? Where are we going in this country? If our views aren’t politically correct, then we’re mistreated by those who have made themselves the judge. Sad, very sad, people! Prayers for an awakening and return to God.

In a note to BNC, Kevin further said,

Their exact statement to me says, “We removed your post because it doesn’t follow the Facebook community standards.” They go on to imply that my post somehow created a safety issue. Yet, they also state in their rules that everyone is free to post their opinions (mine was biblically, scientifically and medically supported) which some may disagree with others. They then say, “Which we believe can lead to important conversation about difficult topics.” Well, I guess this doesn’t apply to posts or conversations about the Bible and homosexuality.

Facebook is a company known for its promotion of liberal causes and for tracking its users. As a “walled garden,” as some call it, the company is free to impose its rules upon users as it sees fit. Users must abide by its rules.

Some have recommended other, more friendly, social media, either those hosted by faith-friendly companies or software produced by the open-source movement.

Thanks to Jamie Suiter and Kevin Key for providing information for this report.