MCCRORY, Ark. (BNC) — One of the strengths of the internet is the multitude of information sources available at one’s fingertips. That same strength, however, can be a weakness when you are overloaded by irrelevant material as you search for information that matters to you.

That’s why evangelist and publisher Matt Clifton has re-launched The Wayfellow website as “the church of Christ infostream.” His goal for the site is to be a one-stop, “Drudge Report” style news center for the church, offering links to breaking news stories of interest to members of the church.

“Sifting through pages and pages of news sites, blogs, and social media sites can be time-consuming. The Wayfellow will offer a collection of links every day to top stories about the church, or news items that affect the church in some way,” Clifton said. “We want users to have an effortless experience connecting with news that matters to them as Christians, making their internet time more productive.”

While Clifton will be searching out relevant news and links to add to the site on a daily basis, he also requests suggestions for brotherhood sites to add to The Wayfellow’s links directory.

“We want this simple page to be a place where the Christian can quickly visit every morning for news alerts and to be pointed to brotherhood sites with important information,” he said.

And while the site will be packed with links to Christian websites, The Wayfellow will also direct readers to relevant articles on other sites. These links are colored-coded to indicate what type of site you are visiting.

“We’ve instituted a color-code system for our links. Green-coded sites are links to brotherhood sites. Yellow-coded sites are links to “God-fearing” sites, usually denominational in nature. Red-coded sites are secular or atheist sites,” Clifton said.

Christians are encouraged to bookmark the site, make it their homepage, and otherwise share the news about this new site.

Comments and suggestions can be sent to The Wayfellow by using the contact form on the site’s “About” page.