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Evangelical video adds to confusion on Noah as Hollywood mangles story


(BNc) by J. Randal Matheny — Evangelical televangelist Ray Comfort’s organization Living Waters released a 30-minute video as a response, apparently, to the Russell-Crowe version of Noah.

I say “apparently.” It talked so much about the signs of the last times, I quit before I got to the nine-minute mark.

The video has its own website, as well as being released on YouTube.

I don’t know Comfort’s specific tenets, but it gave the impression he’s a premillenialist of some sort. The video takes opportunity of the moment to push Comfort’s idea of “Bible prophecy.”

Premillenialism is a cockamamie theory that Jesus will return to rule on earth for a thousand years, seated on David’s throne in Jerusalem.

A major portion of the video segment that I saw recorded one of Comfort’s staff sticking a microphone in people’s faces.

Some of the answers people gave were intriguing, but what Comfort’s organization calls a movie doesn’t live up to the name.

Comfort is a New Zealander based in California since the 1980s.

You’re welcome to watch both Hollywood’s version and Comfort’s take-away, but don’t say I didn’t warn you that the evangelical response doesn’t really satisfy.

I often warn brothers and sisters in Christ here in Brazil that watching televangelists will not encourage them in their faith. They will only confuse them.

False doctrine is so tightly woven into their presentations that it’s nigh unto impossible to separate the good from the bad.

Hollywood will mangle the Noah story, but Ray Comfort’s video won’t help people understand it any better.

Wake up with

Know the truthorg

by James D. Suiter

SULPHUR SPRINGS, Tex. (BNc) – Have you ever wished that we had a morning wake-up radio program in churches of Christ and encouraging programming on radio to listen to from the brotherhood throughout the day? I know I have.

Brother Luis Camacho, gospel preacher and producer at Radio and Managing Director at, has started to fill this void! has a morning program, with Robert Stapleton at 6 and with Luis and Mike Long at 7-9 and other speakers through the day and evening.

There is a chat box in which listeners on the net can engage the speakers, and even have a request for folks to call in on some programming with comments or questions and prayer requests.

It was such a breath of fresh air when GBN came along. Now we have a radio station to listen to 24/7 with great a capella singing in between the lessons!

Check it out and tell others about This is one of five brotherhood stations all streaming on the net on

Luis is a graduate of the Bear Valley Institute of Denver and these stations are working in cooperation with the Brown Trail School of Preaching in Texas.