WADSWORTH, Oh. (BNC) by David R. Kenney — The last chapter of the New Testament was published for the Bible Readings and Hymns program Oct. 31. The Old Testament chapters are already well along as well.

Back on a Tuesday, Apr. 19, 2016, I met with John Madding, Cable TV Programming and Access Manager at WCTV, to discuss a TV and Radio concept, since the city of Wadsworth offers both local TV and radio broadcasting for its citizens.

The idea originated with my mother, Kay Kenney, who has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis since I was 15 years of age (1982). There is a risk of blindness with MS, and I was concerned about how my mother would be able to enjoy reading her King James Version of the Bible if such would happen. I wanted her to able to hear the Bible read in a voice she recognized.

Then, I started thinking of other people who may have various disabilities and limitations and how they would be able to access the Bible. Technology has taken a thought and made it a reality!

At first, the concept was to create Bible readings for the New Testament to be read on a year’s schedule (five chapters a week). The readings would include a text scroll, hymn music, scenery, and would be formatted for both television and radio. John Madding loved the idea and pledged to do all that he could to help with the project. All the audio readings by me would be recorded and edited at WCTV in Wadsworth.

Andy Robison, Director of West Virginia School of Preaching, composes hymns and records gospel music to support West Virginia Christian Youth Camp. I discussed the concept of “Bible Readings & Hymns” with him, and he graciously gave permission to use his personal compositions and other recordings that are public domain. The music is instructive and beautifully performed. One should visit the materials made freely available for PDF, PPT, and MP3 recordings.

I discussed the concept with Mark Teske, Director of Operations and Programming at Gospel Broadcasting Network, who was enthusiastic since GBN was looking for additional devotional material. So all the audio readings and music was forwarded to GBN in Southaven, Miss., for additional editing and mixing to create the program in both video and audio formats.

Iris Griffin (now Iris Petty), Video Editor for GBN, wanted to be on the project to mix the audio recordings, music recordings, text, and video to produce the 260 episodes of “Bible Readings & Hymns” and did a wonderful job taking various elements and editing for broadcast both in video and audio formats. The shows were broadcasted over WCTV, GBN TV and GBN Radio in 2017 and are being rebroadcasted in 2018. Access to the program was also made available on both GNB’s YouTube Channel and WCTV’s Internet Portal for those who missed an episode but wanted to keep up with the reading schedule to read the entire New Testament in a year.

Interest was expressed in completing the Psalms even before the New Testament was completed. Those audio recordings were completed and are currently being broadcasted for TV and radio. Now, the entire Old Testament is being recorded which will take considerable time and effort (the New Testament is 260 chapters, but the Old Testament is 929 chapters.)

David Kenney, Producer, has completed the audio recordings for Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon. Each episode of the program is based on one chapter of the Bible.

Recently, we were approached about having the show broadcasted in Guyana, South America, which is the only country in the continent whose official language is English.

In the latter part of 2018, the decision was made to expand the availability of “Bible Readings & Hymns” even further by creating a dedicated YouTube Channel (“Bible Readings & Hymns”) which is one of the largest video platforms in the world.

Scott Ingram, Production Technician for GBN, worked to upload all the New Testament episodes with playlists for each book of the New Testament which was completed in October 31, 2018. The Old Testament recordings are being edited by Caleb Purvis, Video Editor for GBN, who is working on the episodes of the Psalms.

A person can find out more information about “Bible Readings & Hymns” on the blog page or the Facebook page. The blog includes labels with links to the corresponding books of the Bible playlists on YouTube, and the Facebook page includes a link to the YouTube Channel. In additional to local access on WCTV and broadcasts on GBN, one can find “Bible Readings & Hymns” at Bible Readings & Hymns YouTube ChannelGBN’s YouTube Channel, and GBN Radio.

The goal is to put Bible readings and gospel music into the hands of anyone with access to the Internet, whether with computer, television, notepads, smart phones, or whatever the devices of the future may be.

The opportunities seem boundless. What was viewed as unfeasible a few years ago is well within our grasp today. Not only is this program available locally, but nationally and internationally. Still, the focus of the program is the individual who seeks to hear or see God’s word, hear and sing praises sung to his name, or enjoy God’s marvelous creation wherever the Internet reaches.

All who work on “Bible Readings & Hymns” are excited to have part in the program, and all agree that all is to the glory of God! Please share this information with others.

David R. Kenney works with the church in Wadsworth and produces both “Bible Readings & Hymns” and “Light From Above,” available on WCTV, Gospel Broadcasting Network TV, GBN Radio, and YouTube.