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WVBS offers video series for times of crisis

The series contains eight lessons from six faithful preachers.

‘Bible Readings and Hymns’ program completes New Testament chapters

David Kenney produces the program based on the KJV.

Bill Bagents teaches on forming good habits

Video: Good habits are essential to life in Christ.

What makes the gospel glorious

Watch this video and see one of the most interesting reasons given for why the gospel is glorious.

Video: Baptism is a work—of God, says missionary

Starting with John the Baptizer, Lance Mosher surveys the several baptisms of the New Testament and which is the one baptism for all time.

10 baptized after baptism debate, new argument introduced

The discussion centered on whether or not baptism in water was essential for salvation.

WVBS sends second film crew to Israel

Watch videos on Bible lands, with more coming.

Video: ‘A letter to me on my first day of ministry’

The Jenkins Institute made this touching video of preachers who write to themselves on their first day of ministry.

Christians are a joyful people, or should be, says Kentucky preacher

Jack Hall asked the Richmond congregation June 8, “Are We a Joyful People?” He pointed hearers away from circumstances, positions, and human relationships, to being in Christ.

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