MAXWELL, Tex. (BNC) by Brian Howard — What was it like to live during Bible times? What do the lands of the Bible really look like? The Bible talks about so many different places that they often just become names to us without any real connection to the actual location. In fact, many times when it comes to these cities and towns of the Bible, they almost seem like fiction. But the places of the Bible are real.

In 2015, World Video Bible School (WVBS) sent a crew over to the Bible lands to film a series of lessons designed for faith-building. This project has been extremely rewarding, and one that we believe will strengthen the faith of viewers as they visually connect these places to those they read about in Scripture.

  1. Volume 1 contains the first five passages where project director John W. Moore (M. Ed.) first guides us through “Jerusalem: An Unforgettable City.”
  2. This passage is followed by Rick Brumback (Ph.D.) leading us through the “Ministry of Jesus in Northern Israel.”
  3. Gary Massey (J.D.) takes us to “Dan: City of Unfaithfulness” in passage 3.
  4. The fourth passage is “In the Shadow of Gilboa: Reaping & Sowing,” by Jonathan Moore (D.P.M., M.A.).
  5. “Treasures of Qumran: The Dead Sea Scrolls” is the final passage in this program and is led by Dewayne Bryant (Ph.D.).

Each passage presents spiritual lessons along with the historical, archaeological and geographical context to demonstrate that the Bible stories did indeed occur in real places and in a real time.

These first five passages of Volume 1 are now available on DVD at, or they can be viewed for free at

Currently, the crew is back in Israel for a second time doing some work that will add to this project.

Over the next couple of years, we will be working hard to release more of these passages that are designed to strengthen our faith.