MAXWELL, Tex. (BNC) — During this challenging time of isolation around the world because of the coronavirus, World Video Bible School has developed a series titled, “Crisis and the Creator“.

This series is free to view and always will be. Secondly, it was developed to encourage the saints and to evangelize the lost and those seeking for truth.

The series contains eight lessons from six faithful preachers.

  • Kyle Butt teaches, “Danger of Fake News” and “Evil, Pain, and Suffering”;
  • Jeff Jenkins teaches on “Hope in Crisis”;
  • Wayne Jones encourages us through his lesson, “Do Not Fear”;
  • Neal Pollard has three lessons titled, “Crisis and Stress”, “Crisis and Trouble”, and “Mountains and Valleys”;
  • Finally, Bill Watkins’ lesson, “Overcoming a Crisis” wraps up the series that promises to teach the truth through a time in history unlike any other.

WVBS offers over 1000 videos online for free as well as a full Bible study course of 45 videos that cover every Bible book.

h/t Jon Warnes.