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WVBS offers video series for times of crisis

The series contains eight lessons from six faithful preachers.

‘Bible Readings and Hymns’ program completes New Testament chapters

David Kenney produces the program based on the KJV.

Video: Baptism is a work—of God, says missionary

Starting with John the Baptizer, Lance Mosher surveys the several baptisms of the New Testament and which is the one baptism for all time.

Video: ‘When the tree is down, the seed is still alive’

Preacher Cory Collins finds people returning to Scripture even during the darkest religious days.

Community church drummer finds salvation: Watch ‘Why Jon Left’

Watch Jon Pursley tell how he found the truth and why he left his community church.

Composer releases two new spiritual songs in video format

The church is edified by new songs of praise and edification.

‘The Truth About’ series launches video on same-sex marriage

WVBS releases new teaching video by Don Blackwell.

HCU launches study series with 13 videos about ‘The Church’

Heritage Christian University faculty launch the Berean Study Series with lessons on the church.

Christians are a joyful people, or should be, says Kentucky preacher

Jack Hall asked the Richmond congregation June 8, “Are We a Joyful People?” He pointed hearers away from circumstances, positions, and human relationships, to being in Christ.

‘The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away,’ Oklahoma deacon tells GMA after losing home

After losing his home, a brother in Christ turns to Scripture.

WVBS Video: Kyle Butt talks about problem of suffering

Kyle Butt talks about evil, pain, and suffering, very appropriate in light of recent events in Connecticut.

Video: Church enters parade, distributes Bibles, teaching materials

Karns church enters a float in a local Christmas parade to distribute God’s word.

Video: Ukrainians go home and start churches

Ukranians begin churches in their homes.

VIDEO: Tate Williams says, “To each their own”

Tate’s last video devotional Jan. 2012.

Former denominational preacher explains conversion, warns church away from compromise

A simple explanation of how a denominational preacher obeyed the gospel.

30 years after Mt. Saint Helens

Brad Harrub video In the Shadows of Mt. Saint Helens, 30 years after the volcano exploded.

OC Prof Kent Hartman reports on Japan trip

Oklahoma Christian professor Kent Hartman was enroute to Japan during the earthquake Mar. 11.

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