MAXWELL, Tex. (BNC) — World Video Bible School released a video Aug. 19 entitled “The Truth About Same-sex Marriage.”

Don Blackwell, Executive Director of Gospel Broadcasting Network, answers a slew of questions about the subject:

  • What does the Bible teach about homosexuality?
  • How does God feel about same-sex marriage?
  • Have we been misusing the Bible when citing it to condemn gay and lesbian behavior?
  • Did Jesus ever mention it?
  • Is it time for Christians to finally accept that homosexuality is a civic right equivalent to racial equality?

To watch the video, click on the arrow below. (The image above is only a screen capture.)

The WVBS website reveals the ministry’s goals.

World Video Bible School has been privileged to serve the church since 1986 by making teaching and evangelism materials for the church’s use worldwide. Our goal is the same as it has always been, to serve God and His people by doing His will to the best of our ability. We are committed to producing and distributing excellent quality, scripturally sound, inexpensively priced Bible study material through video, audio and the written page. We have a genuine desire to glorify the Father, His beloved Son, His word and His blood-bought church and not to glorify ourselves or any other men!

The special link for the same-sex video can be accessed here.