WOODBURY, Tenn. (BNC) by Joey Ferrell — I am absolutely dismayed about what is going on in the church and the persecution of her faithful servants.

This week, we were introduced to a trending article that was taken completely out of context and words infused by outside sources to try and condemn a sound and faithful preacher, Ben Bailey.

Then, Michael J. Shank has had a threat against his life because someone was upset with his book.

It is a shame that the church is facing this; however, some of this is stemming from inside our own beloved church families.

How? There are too many part-time Christians who may ceremoniously grace a pew for maybe, just maybe an hour a week. And that is it. That is their “church” and she’s done!


Preacher Joey Ferrell

I know this will anger some, but I have held my tongue long enough. It is a downright treacherous thought to know that some folks prefer to go to sporting events, sleep in, go to the lake, or whatever excuse it is this week instead of wanting, desiring, and obediently worshiping our God.

Then, on top of that, there are those in the church that only want frilly feel-good preaching and lovey-dovey acceptance of sin that will most likely find themselves facing a very disturbing scene at judgment.

This world is horrible — and it is bleeding into the church.

I was approached by an elder at the end of May on Sunday afternoon while working on articles and lessons in my office and told that there were some “members” who had complained that I was “preaching too much Bible.”

This was followed up with being given a sermon that was written out, told to preach it verbatim, using all illustrations and jokes, etc. and then a survey would be given to the members to determine how my “style of preaching” needed to change.

I left that night in tears, heartache, and disgust. I resigned the next morning. Some have told me I needed thicker skin. Some have told me I should have changed my preaching style. Some have told me that they hope I did not give up. And I won’t.

It is things like I’ve mentioned though that are tearing the church apart shred by shred and allowing division, false teaching, and irreverence toward God to enter in.

It is time to stand up and be heard! Preachers, preach on! Elders, lead us like everyone’s soul depends on it. Christians, please understand that God wants you and me 100%. Unbelievers, you better get right while you can!

Join me in prayer for the church, her people, and for the persecuted that continue to serve a God of incredible glory!

Joey studied Ministry and Biblical Studies at Heritage Christian University. He has been a vocational preacher since 2009 and owns a low-voltage company. He is the administrator of hearthegospel.net and co-creator of tbh!2015 youth events. This article was posted on his Facebook account Aug. 20 and used with permission.