FLORENCE, Ala. (BNC) by Edmon Gallagher — Summer will be here soon, and many of you are making plans for your congregation. Perhaps the preacher will be conducting a few gospel meetings. Bible class teachers will be planning vacations. You may need a break from teaching to recharge. But you still desire quality material for the Bible class curriculum.

This valuable tool can serve as your summer series, a quarter in your Bible class curriculum, or even as a sermon during the absence of your minister.

The Berean Study Series is a free 13-lesson resource, consisting of 13 videos and a corresponding study guide (available as a pdf file or as a printed book) for each lesson. Each video is approximately 25 minutes long and can stand on its own or be used as a springboard for class discussion. Here’s a sample of the content you’ll find:

This inaugural series focuses on “The Church” and includes the following lessons:

  • From All Eternity (Dr. Ted Burleson)                                     
  • The Kingdom of God (Dr. Ed Gallagher)                              
  • Light and Salt (Dr. Bill Bagents)                                             
  • The Body of Christ (Dennis Jones)                                           
  • The Israel of God (Nathan Daily)                                             
  • A Community of Believers (Philip Goad)                           
  • Worship (Dr. Jeremy Barrier)
  • Equipping the Saints (Jim Collins)
  • A Holy Nation (Brad McKinnon)
  • Orphans and Widows (Michael Jackson)
  • Royal Priesthood (Wayne Kilpatrick)
  • Such Were Some of You (Rusty Pettus)
  • Mission (Travis Harmon)

Faculty and staff at HCU are pleased to make it available free of charge. Thirteen videos and a digital copy of all supplemental materials will be provided to you via a flash drive. If you prefer printed class books, they will be available for a nominal fee.

To order this free resource, contact Melanie Irions at 256-766-6610 ext. 312 or mirions@hcu.edu.

Ed is Associate Professor of Biblical Languages at HCU.