LAS VEGAS, NM (BNC) by Jerry Blount — I went to see the movie “Unplanned.” It’s about Abby Johnson, the director of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Texas. She had never been inside to see one, but one day, after working at Planned Parenthood for some eight years, she sees a late-term abortion.

What you see of the baby is on a sonogram screen, but it is real enough. Sonograms have gotten a lot better since I saw the “silent scream” many years ago! They didn’t have such things when we were making babies!

The baby fights and loses—on the sonogram.  After witnessing such, she becomes a pro-life advocate. I have only recommended one other R-rated movie in my lifetime, “The Passion.” The Passion was rated R for the same reason, the subject matter.  If it was a movie about a tonsillectomy, it wouldn’t be rated R.

There is no nudity, virtually no profanity. I think the movie is tastefully done for such a brutal topic.

That said, it is appropriate for the rating to require parents to be right there with their kids so they can have multiple discussions afterwards.

Since girls can theoretically become pregnant at age 12 or so, and schools will arrange an abortion for them without the parents knowledge, I would recommend this.

It cuts through the smoke and endless platitudes, allowing folks to see abortion for what it is.  What they will be told by schools, counselors and clinics is grossly inaccurate. Or at best, deficient.

I did not see a single inaccuracy in this movie.

Girls in this situation, at these young ages are often manipulated to bypass their faith and upbringing.

I tend to think that, while this one is “in your face,” I consider it a productive field trip for parents.

Since the upcoming elections also seem to be focusing on late-term abortions, this movie will allow you to put some teeth around what your Bible said 2000 years ago! Here in New Mexico, I have been successfully using the current political discussions around all this to open doors for Bible studies. The Holy Spirit called Jesus and John babies while in the womb (first and third trimester). The sonogram shown in this movie makes that pretty clear.

I recently worked up a meeting series on evidences and worked the abortion discussion in as one of the final presentations, demonstrating that science can now capture on film what the Bible once presented in faith.

Jerry works with the Las Vegas NM congregation. He gave us permission to reproduce his post.