SÃO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS, BRAZIL (EUA) — The book, The Greatest Subjects of the Bible, was sent to the printer, in PDF format, June 5. The publisher is Project Reach, headed by BNC’s editor.

The cover, back cover, and inside of the book were sent in separate files to facilitate the printer’s work.

It’s one of Project Reach’s smaller books, with almost 40 pages. It contains 30 lessons in outline form. The name in Portuguese is Os maiores assuntos da Bíblia.

The first chapter deals with God, the last with the second coming.

Three chapters are dedicated to the covenants of the Bible. This attention is due to widespread confusion in the religious world at large. Many Old Testament practices meant only for the Jews are adopted in many denominations’ worship services.

Several chapters deal with topics not normally encountered in such works, such as power, money, evangelism, and godliness (piety).

The book should be ready for a regional men’s event on June 15, in the city of Jundiaí, where the editor will be one of three speakers.

This is the second book of Project Reach to be published so far this year. The first was the dictionary of biblical vocabulary (first of three parts), released in January.

The number of printed copies of each book has been scaled down, because of limitations of both finances and space.

Project Reach is the English translation of Projeto Alcance, the publishing and ministry arm in Brazil of the GoSpeak work, which also is responsible for Brotherhood News, Forthright Magazine, Fellowship Room, and Forthright Press, among several other sites and efforts.

The dictionary of biblical vocabulary should be finished by year’s end, and other volumes that might make it to the printer in 2019 include an evangelistic work of over 300 pages and a work on Psalm 119 of over 100 pages.