JACKSONVILLE, Ala. (BNC) by Matt Wallin — House to House Heart to Heart is now a monthly publication.

​Churches participating in sending out House to House can now reach ​their communities twice as often, doubling ​their ability to teach them the Gospel.

HTH provides attractive, effective, sound material each month focused on reaching ​whole communities with the gospel.

​If congregations wish to engage their communities with the easy-to-read and kind teaching of HTH to gain visitors to services/events, Bible studies, and conversions​, then now is a great time to join this effort​.

HTH’s 2018 article topics are provided below.

  • JANUARY • The Half Has Never Been Told
  • FEBRUARY • The Irony of Calvary
  • MARCH • The Great Invitation: The Spirit and the Bride Say Come
  • APRIL • Forgiven to Forgive
  • MAY • I Don’t Want You to Join My Church
  • JUNE • The “Weaknesses” of Almighty God
  • JULY • Five Views of Baptism from Mark 16:16
  • AUGUST • How to Face Your Golgotha
  • SEPTEMBER • The First Christian in Europe
  • OCTOBER • Salvation Is Free, but It Is Not Cheap
  • NOVEMBER • Is Christianity the Problem?
  • DECEMBER • Finding God’s Treasure

Here’s what God has used ​HTH to do in the past few years.

  • 226 million+ copies mailed out in 20 years.
  • 3.2 million copies of our most recent issue, “What Jesus Told Me to Tell You” ​were mailed.​ We have heard of 20 baptisms from that one issue so far!
  • We have worked with almost 4,000 churches in all 50 US states, Washington D.C., and 75 countries.
  • We print in English, Spanish, and French.
  • We provide free websites for over 200 churches​.​

The ​program continues to grow each year.

If a congregation would like to sign up for 12 issues to begin contacting your community every month, go to signup.housetohouse.com, email HTH@housetohouse.com or call 1.877.338.3397.​

Churches may also continue sending only six issues, or may print on an issue-to-issue basis.