TAUBATÉ, Brazil (BNC) — After 8 years of declining health after several strokes and Alzheimer’s, our brother in Christ Odílio passed away Saturday, Dec. 9. It was his wife Claudete’s birthday.

As my wife Vicki and I drove from São José dos Campos to Taubaté Sunday morning for the funeral, we commented how unfortunate it was that his death occurred on her birthday. She had lovingly cared for him all these years.

We expected a dreary atmosphere at the municipal funeral building.

Instead, we found Claudete in a calm and peaceful spirit.

She said she was content that she had been able to care for him without ever getting sick. That had always been her concern.

And she was grateful that God took him on her birthday, giving him eternal rest and giving her rest from her labors as well.

Her care for her husband and her statement of faith showed that she understood the meaning of love.

Claudete had done for him what she could.

Vicki and I taught the couple several years ago, and Claudete obeyed the gospel. Odílio was baptized after further teaching by our brother Humberto (photo, above).