(BNC) — Evangelical men who use Bible apps in their spiritual lives read more of the Bible, but remember less of it, a new study revealed.

Women showed little difference in reading and retention in the use of digital apps or physical copies of the Bible.

The report was mentioned in the Journal of Religion, Media, and Digital Culture.

The online abstract of the article summarizes:

Christians in general and American evangelicals in particular are increasingly using digital media to access Scripture, but it is unclear how this shift is influencing the behaviors they value most: regular reading and in-depth study. Using survey data, assessments of comprehension, and daily reading progress, this study examines how engagement with the Bible varies between print and screens. Results indicated that American evangelicals use a combination of print and digital forms of Scripture based on the kind of engagement they want to carry out (devotional reading, in-depth study, prayer, etc.). The data also suggest readers have lower comprehension when reading the Bible on screens compared to print. Readers using mobile devices are more likely to engage scripture daily than those using printed Bibles, and these effects are more pronounced in male readers than female readers.

The question is if similar results would obtain among those in the Lord’s church.

What is your experience and comparison in terms of use of digital access to Scripture and the use of physical copies of the Bible?

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