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Ryan Champion charged with killing parents, sister, acquaintance

Ryan had claimed a recent acquaintance started shooting after they arrived home from church.

Breaking: Cadiz, Kentucky, elder and family killed in shooting

Elder Lindsey Champion, his wife Joy, and their daughter-in-law Emily were killed in a shooting.

Christians are a joyful people, or should be, says Kentucky preacher

Jack Hall asked the Richmond congregation June 8, “Are We a Joyful People?” He pointed hearers away from circumstances, positions, and human relationships, to being in Christ.

Atheist church shows need for community which true church can offer

Kentucky preacher and writer Paul Holland tells Christians not to be intimidated by the atheist church.

‘We were babied,’ says millennial-generation preacher

Minister says lack of challenge caused millennials to leave the church.

Budding publisher kicks trend with third release: ‘Bible 101’

Kentucky couple see opportunities still in print media, but with a different style.

Former hard-rock musician takes new hermeneutic to task over catering to the world

Writer turns the tables on progressives, laying much of the blame for any decline on their doorstep.

Audio: How to study the NT effectively: Guy N. Woods

David Lemmons recommends an audio lesson by Guy N. Woods with a simple method for anyone to study the New Testament.

Preacher apologizes publicly for speaker’s gaffes at youth rally

Ky. minister apologizes for statements of a guest speaker at youth rally.

Video: ‘Giving Him Back to God’ interview

Beth Baker of the Maple Hill church in Paducah, Ky., speaks about her autistic son and the struggles they faced.

Kentucky churches to merge

Two congregations are set to merge officially May 15, one of which formed as the result of a previous merger.

Evangelize Kentucky Project needs help

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (BNc) — The Evangelize Kentucky Project soon will be starting a congregation in Owen County Kentucky in the town of Owenton. They are in need of 10-15 matching pews, preferably no longer than 14 feet, a Lord’s… Continue Reading →

Earl Gieseke, gospel preacher, dies

GREENVILLE, KY. (BNc) — Elisha Earl Gieseke, 78, of Greenville, KY., died Tuesday, March 9, at Western Baptist Hospital in Paducah after a lengthy illness. He was a minister for more than 50 years and an Air Force veteran of… Continue Reading →

Old Mulkey celebrated its bicentennial

By Gina Kinslow, Glasgow Daily Times TOMPKINSVILLE, Ky. (BNc) — A celebration to commemorate the bicentennial anniversary of Old Mulkey was held Saturday, Nov. 21, at Old Mulkey Meeting House State Historic Site. “During the bicentennial observation we will be… Continue Reading →

Ky. church rebuilds after fire

by Paula Harrington BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (BNc) — The Mount Pleasant church, north of Bowling Green, lost their building to an arsonist last August, but has recently reopened a brand new set of doors. J. Randal MathenyRandal and his wife… Continue Reading →

Western Kentucky Youth Camp Cleans Up

by Gayle Hall MARION, Ky. (BNc) — Western Kentucky Youth Camp still needs work in its recovering from weather damage. The campus of Western Kentucky Youth Camp suffered extensive damage as result of the ice storm on Jan. 27 and… Continue Reading →

Second Ky. church building set fire

BOWLING GREEN, Ky (BNc)- Two days after the Mount Pleasant church building burned, the Mt. Zion building was set on fire deliberately, investigators said. J. Randal MathenyRandal and his wife Vicki have lived and worked in Brazil since Nov. 1984…. Continue Reading →

Ky church building burns

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (BNc)- The building of the Mt. Pleasant church caught fire and it is a total loss, wrote Wayne Hatcher, of the Horse Cave congregation. J. Randal MathenyRandal and his wife Vicki have lived and worked in Brazil… Continue Reading →

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