Minister Ben Giselbach

Minister Ben Giselbach

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BNc) — The number one reason Ben Giselbach thinks most millennials are leaving the church: the previous generation “didn’t challenge us enough.”

That lack of challenge led millennials to look elsewhere, the Cedar Creek minister wrote today. “We are smart, and if our intellectual needs aren’t met inside the church, we look somewhere else. For whatever reason, we didn’t grow because we weren’t challenged.”

With the assumption that in the church statistics are similar to the 59% loss among denominations, Ben charges: “The last generation failed to make New Testament Christianity appealing to my generation.”

He put into words some of the sentiments that his generation are feeling.

He noted exceptions, of whom he is one, and acknowledged that the millennials themselves are responsible for their own faith.

As a solution, he touched on a direction for the church to consider:

How can we keep those that are left? We’ve got to challenge my generation. We must teach them God’s Word. We need to engage their minds and demonstrate that New Testament Christianity is relevant and meaningful. We need to show them that being faithful child of God is the only way to find true success and happiness.

Ben’s article is available at this link.