stan-mitchellHENDERSON, Tenn (BNc) — Freed-Hardeman University professor Stan Mitchell took the conversation about homosexuality to the other side today as he claimed to be “professionally and personally hurt” at insinuations by gay-rights advocates that preachers and teachers made a “special case” over the subject.

“Homosexuality is distinctly not the only sin I have preached against. I have been preaching for a long time, and I have addressed many subjects in my messages. I do indeed care about racism, poverty, theft and so on. If you do not believe this is so, you have simply not been listening,” he wrote.

Stan, a professor in the university’s Bible department, also took on a second charge: “In what way is speaking against homosexuality calculated to influence those who are homosexuals to become Christians?”

To point out that homosexuality is sin is also a call to repentance, just as one would take the same approach to “an adulterer, a gossip, or a racist,” he maintained.

Writing in his weekly “Reality Check” column on Forthright Magazine, Stan turned the tables.

“it is not the Christian who makes a “special case” of homosexuality, it is the homosexual advocate. They want this sin to not be considered sinful.”

Stan ended his article with five questions that Christians might ask of homosexual agenda, as they face their faith becoming the “alternative lifestyle.”

The entire article is available at this link.

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