Bulletin-Digest-logo21-300x127MCCRORY, Ark. (BNc) Bringing the popular brotherhood publication into the digital age will be the focus of new Bulletin Digest owners Matt and Darcy Clifton.

The Bulletin Digest has served the church by publishing sound biblical church bulletin articles, fillers, and graphics since 1982. Although the publication has been very successful in the print version, new technologies demand more options for congregations.

“Many churches have inquired about electronic versions of the Bulletin Digest to make it easier to cut-and-paste articles into their bulletins. Beginning with the July, 2013, issue, we will begin offering digital versions of the Digest, including a PDF (Portable Document Format) version and an online text version,” said Matt Clifton.

A digital subscription will allow subscribers access to both of these electronic versions, as well as a Kindle version for devotional reading.

“Although it has primarily been viewed as a tool for churches to help publish their bulletins, the Digest is also excellent devotional reading for individual members,” said Clifton. “It allows readers access to the best articles from faithful preachers around the country.”

Matt and Darsy Clifton

Matt and Darcy Clifton

Clifton, who has served the McCrory congregation for the past eight years, will serve as editor and publisher. He has been preaching for 10 years, and holds a Master of Divinity degree in ministerial leadership from Amridge University. His wife Darcy will serve as assistant publisher. She has a bachelor’s degree from Freed-Hardeman University and a master’s degree in counseling. They both have extensive backgrounds in publishing newspapers and graphic design.

Matt will continue serving the McCrory congregation full-time.

The Cliftons purchased the Digest from Charles and Jane Beebe of Abilene, Texas. Charles is an elder with the Baker Heights congregation.

“Charles and Jane have done a wonderful job with the Digest. We are so blessed to know them, and humbled to be able to carry this important work forward for the church,” Matt said. “In fact, the Beebe’s will continue to be a source of advice and wisdom for us as we move forward with the Digest.”

The Beebe’s also own a printing company that has printed the Digest for about 20 years, and Clifton said they will continue to use them as printers for the foreseeable future.

While an effort will be made to offer digital subscriptions, the Digest is by no means abandoning the printed version.

“There are still a lot of subscribers who value the printed version. If they find greater value in the digital version, we can switch them over to an electronic subscription. But there are no immediate plans to halt the printed version,” Clifton said.

In the coming weeks, churches can expect to be contacted by the new owners, both to introduce themselves personally and to inform churches of the new options.

“A digital subscription will mean articles can be copied directly from the publication and inserted into their bulletin with no fuss,” Clifton said. “It will also mean a lower subscription cost versus the print version.”

The Bulletin Digest is one of the most distinguished publications among churches of Christ. Congregations from all over the country submit bulletins, and articles are carefully selected for content and faithfulness to the scriptures.

“Our goal is for the Bulletin Digest to continue to be a source the church can trust for scriptural, useful material to streamline bulletin production, and also to publish excellent and edifying material for the individual reader.

To learn more about the Digest, visit the website, find them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.