HAMILTON, Ala. (BNc) by Wayne Barrier — Ninety-nine missionaries, supporters, and saints interested in missions gathered May 9-11 for the 7th annual Maywood Missionary Retreat at the Maywood Christian Camp.

Dr. Mike Houts, a NASA science and engineering professional, gave an outstanding presentation entitled “Evolution, A Persistent False Religion.” He revealed the numerous violations of scientific laws that are incorporated in the secular faith-based theory of evolution as an explanation of human origins.

BNc has made available the text prepared by Mike in PDF format: “Evolution: A Persistent False Religion.”

Mike and his family are a part of the Madison, Ala., congregation.

Dr. Mike Houts

Dr. Mike Houts

Gordon Hogan, Loy Mitchell, Colin McKee, Robert Martin, Mike Brooks, Dennis Larson, and Joey Barrier also gave inspiring and motivational presentations.

Mission reports were made by over 15 mission workers from across the world. Missionaries from every continent except Antarctica were represented.

Special sessions were held for ladies and school-age participants. Over 30 youngsters enjoyed guest speaker Travis Harmon followed by a Friday evening period of recreational activities.

Adults enjoyed Friday evening visiting and fellowship, plus entertainment including two hours of music by Jamie, Katie, and Joey Barrier, and Jon Lucius with their folk band.

Every session was packed with quality information that helped inform, educate, and encourage mission efforts.

Other excellent presentations and discussions included a review of fundamental principles essential to missionary success, studies of biblical texts providing encouragement and instruction for accomplishing God’s will, and an in-depth mission topic group session.

As in the past, the Double Springs, Ala., congregation provided food for evening meals and the World Evangelism team covered other meals and refreshments.

Plans for next year’s retreat are already in production with the tentative dates set for May 1-3, 2014.