Apology for youth speaker

Steven Hunter

TOMPKINSVLILE, Ky. (BNc) — After a guest speaker for an area-wide youth rally went off script Sunday night, Nov. 4, minister Steven Hunter felt it important to apologize publicly for “inappropriate” and “scripturally inaccurate” statements made by the speaker.

After listing three of the speaker’s statements, Steven affirmed the convictions of the Tompkinsville church.

He declined to name the speaker, since those present would already know his name.

Steven explained the process of speaker selection, then added, “Those who wanted to have him as our speaker heard him in different atmospheres and under different circumstances, so they thought he would have been good for the occasion. Even in previous conversation he gave no sign of what we heard Sunday evening.”

After the guest speaker’s lesson, a deacon explained the congregation’s practice and position about salvation.

Steven explained his decision to post a public apology.

“This is my attempt — as the minister of the church — to set the record straight in writing that we made an error, we apologize, and we hope that no one’s work in the Lord was destroyed, hindered, or questioned. We love the cooperation of neighboring congregations, and we hope that you’ll not hold this against us. We will act — in the future — to make sure this doesn’t happen again, and we are making contact with various individuals to personally apologize. However, if we’re unable to speak to everyone, we hope you’ll share this post so that they can know that we are sorry,” he wrote.

The full statement is located at this link.