Youth serve others

Youth group loads hay bales

BONA, Mo. (BNc) by Michael H. Carter — Every year I host a guys retreat for our youth group and some of their dads at my brother’s farm in Bona. We camp out and spend the weekend together fellowshiping and learning, away from the city lights.

This year’s retreat was Nov. 2-4.

My brother’s back went out a few days before we got there, so the boys hauled the 56 bales that needed to go in the barn.

The guys from the Bona church cook for our guys on Saturday night, usually some type of wild game and fish.

We do a variety of outdoor activities while there, including shooting guns and sometimes fish-gigging and hiking.

We have devotionals and worship with the Bona church on Sunday. We show our guys that there are good men of integrity living in far-away places who can have a good time.

I want them to see that, while their backgrounds are vastly different, city boys and country boys can have good clean fun and serve the Lord in the world.

In his spare time when not working as Landscape Superintendent at the University of Arkansas, Michael works with the youth group of the Somers Ave. church in North Little Rock, Ark., one of the supporting churches of BNc.