Christian high school students pray at polling places

High school students pray
Jackson Christian high school students pray

JACKSON, Tenn. (BNc) — High school students from Jackson Christian School prayed at area polling places today to ask God’s blessing for the election.

John Scott, whose son was a participant, said the school sent a notice yesterday informing parents of the day’s activities.

“We have made arrangements to separate our high school students into groups during chapel time and Bible class time tomorrow and transport them via school buses to various polling locations in the city. They will pray at the polling places to ask God to bless our country, the election, and the candidates. They will be praying for the process, not for specific candidates or political preferences.

We have cleared this with the Madison County Election Commission, and they were very pleased that we would be doing this.”

“I took the picture with tears in my eyes,” Angi Brewer Forsythe said.

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