Cadiz elder Lindsey Champion and wife Joy
Cadiz elder Lindsey Champion and wife Joy

CADIZ Ky. (BNC) — Earlier today the WPSD TV station in Paducah announced on its Twitter account that among four people killed in a shooting in Cadiz, three were members of the Lindsey Champion family. Lindsey was an elder in the Cadiz church.

Kentucky State Police has identified three of the shooting victims, B Lindsey Champion (62), Joy A. Champion (60), and Emily K. Champion (31), according to the WPSD story on their site.

According to reporter Robert Bradfield’s tweet, the Champions’ son survived and is in the hospital.

“Lindsey, Joy & Emily Champion died in shooting. Son Ryan survived and is in the hospital. Suspect dead.”

The shooting occurred shortly after they arrived home from church. The report said the four dead were found “in and around the residence.”

The fourth body was that of 22-year-old Vito Riservato, from Hopkinsville, Ky.  Police believe he may be the shooter. An autopsy will examine the body for a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The story will be updated as more information arrives.



  1. So sad when any one is killed. It is especially sad when brethren in Christ are killed. God bless the family and the church. It is especially to grieve something like this.

    1. I agree that we tend to think of it as sad, but on the other hand they are Christians and their pain and struggles on earth are over. They are in paradise. So if I had to choose for a Christian or a nonChristian to die, I’d pick the Christian in hopes the nonChristian could be converted before his death. Still it hurts us and leaves those left behind in pain. My heart goes out to the Champion family. I know the son must be devastated to go from having a family to being the lone survivor

  2. the brethren from Denison, TX send our love and prayers for the family of the deceased and the church brethren.

  3. That photo is Lindsey, Joy, their son Ryan, and their daughter Emily Champion, who was also killed.

    1. Was Emily Ryan’s sister or wife? Either way, such a tragedy, and my heart and prayers go out to Ryan as he recovers.

  4. My prayers I extend to the family and friends that they be comforted in this time of tragedy beyond what anyone should have to go through, but we know they are now in Paradise. We ask that their son have a full and speedy recovery, in Jesus name, amen

  5. There are no words in situations like this! My prayers are with the Champion family & their local church family! So tragic!

  6. so sad. God is with you all of ń that congrgation of the Lords church. our prayer are with you all. Connie Truhett , Arkansas

  7. Words cannot describe the sorrow in my heart for this family, the Cadiz Church Family and their community.

    1. I woke this morning, thinking about Lindsey being the greeter many times at church services. He and Joy were good to my parents and great Christian examples. I’ve known them for 28 years… I’m happy for where they are now, sad for us, their family and friends.

  8. I grew up with these wonderful people, went to church with them, babysat Ryan and Emily. I am just in shock at this evil. Prayers for Ryan and the other family members.

  9. We send our deepest sympathy to this family and their church family.
    Elbert and Linda Bennett
    Eddyville, Ky Church of Christ.

  10. So sad and sorrowful to hear something this wrong and contemptuously evil to be carried out on human life, but as children of the LORD, they are truly free at last of all the harm this world or Satan can perpetrate on their lives ever again. And now, can know true peace and happiness for eternity. I’m sure they await for the day they can reunite with their entire family in Christ Jesus. In our prayers at Point Pleasant CofC Hebron, Ky..

  11. May God be with all who are connected. I am so sorry. This is such a sad piece of news. God bless. (sister in Christ) June Thompson From Mo.

  12. Prayers from brethren in Liberia for Ryan to recover; the Champion family and for the brethren at Cadiz for God to comfort them. Though painful and unexpected, may the souls of the departed brethren rest in peace.

  13. I am very sad to read this sad news. May God heal Rhan and bless him. May God comfort the family of the victims and the church congregation they left behind

  14. So sad, that lives of good people are taken in tragedy! My heart hurts for all involved.

  15. I pray for the church, the community, the families of the deceased, for the members of the church…for the children in the church…they take things very hard. May God embrace all of you in your suffering. You are in my heart. I will ask the Central Street Church of Christ where I am a member to pray for all of you and your community. In Christian love…_I embrace you.

    Alicia T. Valdez

  16. I had known Lindsey and Joy since November of 2003. In November of 2014 I conducted a Song Leading Class at the Cadiz Congregation. Lindsey led his first Song during that training. He did an outstanding job. Before then he was shy about singing because he thought that he was not a good singer. Since then he was in a regular rotation at the Congregation. He was a Blessing to me as was Joy. I had not had the oppurtunity to meet their son and daughter. Lindsey referred to me as the Songbird. I loved Lindsey and Joy.

    For all of God’s people who knows about this, please live your lives in the Straight and Narrow and be ready for the the Great Family Reunion with our God and and our Savior in Heaven.

  17. We lift our brethren in Cadiz, KY in prayer as this tragic event strikes home within the church of Christ.

  18. WOW! What is going on in Cadiz?!?!?! Last week, a bank robbery and this week a family is murdered!!!!!
    Prayers for everyone touched by this tragedy!

  19. To my brothers and sisters in Christ at Cadiz CoC I send my deepest condolences from my family and I during such sadness at the loss of Bro.& Sister Champion and their daughter, may our Heavenly Father welcome them into Abraham bosom.

  20. Prayers from the Church of Christ, Rumuokwurusi, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, May the Almighty God gives all of the deceased family the fortitude to bear the lost, RIP

  21. OK it is sad about what happen to Vito who is a good friend of mine and that family no one really knows what really happen in that house Vito was a great dad see everyone is pointing the finger at Vito what about the son it funny no one see the son doing anything wrong did y’all think just for a min he could have done this

  22. I do nor know this family, but I am saddened because they were my family in Christ. God bless the one left behind.

  23. No…not for a minute would I think that he could have done this. He was protecting his family and is very much a victim as a result.

  24. Misty,
    How disrespectful for you to suggest Ryan would harm his family, especially given Vito is reportably a recent acquaintance and in their rural home. Ryan is lucky to be alive and undoubtably regrets the loss of his entire family. There is probably much more to this story the least of which is why is Vito there.

  25. My condolences go out to the family. I am deeply saddened by this. Even though I do not know the family, I am part of the body of Christ and when one part of the body hurts, the whole body reacts to it. My Prayers from Alberta Canada go out to all who are grieving over this. God Bless You all.

  26. Sincere sympathy from our family to the family and friends of the Champion family and the Lord’s church in Cadiz, KY. May God comfort you. – Jack & Mary Frances Christie, North Jackson congregation, Jackson, TN


  28. What a sad news! Our thoughts and heart goes to the surviving son their family and the church in Cadiz.
    For the dead brethren, may the LORD grant them eternal life through Jesus Christ our Saviour.

  29. Folks, Vito had friends that believe there is no way he would do this. We as Christians need to respect his friends and show them the respect for what they believe. They have that right and after looking into Vito’s reputation, I totally understand why they believe this. The investigation is still ongoing in this matter. The accused shooter is dead but what the investigation will reveal, is still to come. We need to believe in our Government including our Law Enforcement Officials. We need to pray for the Truth to be revealed and pray for Ryan and his Friends and the Family and also the Friends and Family of Vito. We might just have the oppurtunity to convert someone to Christ by setting the right example.

    1. Regardless of what the facts end up being, both Ryan and Vito appear to have many who care and love them both, as well as the deceased members of the Champion family. There will be many lives impacted by this tragedy. Pray for comfort and healing for all parties involved. It really warmed my heart to see all the responses above from so many members of the Church from all over the world. I sometimes get tunnel vision thinking my local congregation is the extent of the Church in my life. It’s so good to be reminded there are many of us all over the US and the globe who are one in Christ and are there for each other no matter where we live. Thank you for so many of you sharing your faith by sending your comfort and concern for these families. God bless each and every one.

  30. We will pray for Gods loving hand in Las Vegas- Vegas drive church of Christ dear brethren.

  31. we will pray for the family of Cafiz and the son who have survived. Dexter Church of Christ , Dexter , Miwell be praying for you. We will pray for the church members.

  32. The story definitely needs to be updated since the Champion’s son, Ryan, is now the alleged murderer of all three.