SOUTHAVEN, Miss. (BNC) — Watch the video of last night’s live panel on “The Christian and Politics,” featuring discussion of the Houston mayor’s broad subpoena of documents from pastors. The Gospel Broadcasting Network video begins in the middle of a phone conversation with a Christian professor of law.



  1. I am caught short here most of you will remember the scripture I will parphrase, that we are to pray for all that are in authority for all that are in authority are there by the will of God. In Daniel in both the 4th and 5th chapters God says he is the most high God and he rules over the earth and all on it and in it and he will appoint over it the basest or lowest of men. Just as in Nebacanezer day the church was in sin and The Lord God Almighty was chastising the church. The church has left God and puts it’s faith in the ballot box while serving Cesar. The church needs to repent and seek the Kingdom of God and set aside a day to worship himall day and not between football or baseball games. I thank For giving us the leasers we deserve and I pray for all leaders so that we might lead peaceful lives in Godliness. Bill Cartwright

  2. I am proud that you have tackled this and it is good to see my old school chum John Deberry. Evil in the disguise of people will work in a vacuum of truth. It will grow and fester and I pray for the mayor of Houston for her to learn that her life is in the balance, as all of our lives are. May she repent and believe the gospel

  3. Just watched the video in it’s entirity. A great discussion. Keep up the good work. Amen and Amen.