by Gayle Hall

MARION, Ky. (BNc) — Western Kentucky Youth Camp still needs work in its recovering from weather damage.

The campus of Western Kentucky Youth Camp suffered extensive damage as result of the ice storm on Jan. 27 and severe winds on Feb. 11.

Two boys’ cabins were damaged by large tree limbs falling on the roofs, and another shifted off its foundation by the root ball of a fallen tree.

One side of the roof of the main pavilion was damaged by tree limbs falling through it, and the other side of the roof was damaged by the wind.

The roof of the caretaker’s home was damaged, as were the roof, vents and other features on the roof of the cafeteria.

Except for the caretakers home and the cafeteria the entire electrical service was taken out. Four utility poles were downed, as were several hundred feet of lines providing service to the cabins, staff quarters, bath houses and pool.

Numerous trees and limbs fell over the 130 acres of camp.

The insurance company estimated the insured losses to exceed $43,000.

Due to the damage being caused by two separate events with a blanket deductible of $10,000, the camp will be reimbursed approximately $23,000.

In addition, there is no coverage for fallen or hanging trees and limbs. The camp will have to bear the cost of cleaning up the limbs and trees, and professional climbers must be hired to remove hanging limbs so they will not be a hazard to campers and staff this summer.

In spite of all these problems great progress is being made in returning the camp to normal.

Thanks to many volunteers who have donated hundreds of hours of labor, most of the debris has been cleaned up and all roadways and trails cleared.

The workers include a youth group from North Highlands church in Russellville, Ala., who gave up four days of their spring break to work at camp; men of Bread of Life Relief Humanitarian Effort, Inc., Melber, Kentucky; and groups from Washington Avenue in Evansville, Ind., and Clarkson, Ky.

Many other individuals from western Kentucky also pitched in.

Hendricks Electric of Clay, Ky., has donated labor to restore electrical service.

Caretaker David Maclin has gone beyond the call of duty in managing the work.

While much work is still to be done, camp will be ready for the summer.

Volunteers are still needed, as are donations in money made to Western Kentucky Youth Camp, to cover the costs. Gifts are tax deductible.

Any funds received that exceed the cost of repairing the damage will be applied to the capitol fund for improvements to facilities.

Current priorities are to move electrical lines underground and electrical service inside to prevent this type of damage in the future. Also, our sewer system needs updating.

Donations may be sent to Western Kentucky Youth Camp, 301 Youth Camp Rd, Marion, KY 42064.

To discuss volunteering call David Maclin at camp, 270-965-5126. To discuss making a donation, call Gayle Hall 270-395-7151 or 270-395-7388.

Campers have enjoyed WKYC since 1962. Over 1,000 campers attended in 2008. The camp is overseen by a Board of Directors and can be found on-line at

Gayle serves as a deacon with the Calvert City, Ky., church.