BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (BNc) — The Evangelize Kentucky Project soon will be starting a congregation in Owen County Kentucky in the town of Owenton. They are in need of 10-15 matching pews, preferably no longer than 14 feet, a Lord’s supper table, pulpit stand, number boards, etc.

The property has already been purchased and Bill Dayton who will preach there has recently moved to Bowling Green, Ky. to spend time getting to know the sponsoring congregation at Lehman Avenue. A house is currently being remodeled for them to live in.

The church building will be a converted metal warehouse building similar to the one in Grant County, the first congregation planted by the Lehman Avenue congregation.

The Evangelize Kentucky Project was started by Lehman Avenue approximately ten years ago, when they began saving money to launch an all-out mission effort to establish the church in a nine-county line across the northern part of the state of Kentucky. Although Lehman Avenue started a congregation in Alvaton, Ky., several years ago that has grown to about 200, the Grant County congregation was the first in the Evanglize Kentucky Project.

The first project began in Feb. 2006, when Jerry Carmichael moved to Bowling Green to work with the Lehman Avenue church and conduct feasibility studies for a proposed church planting. They chose the Grant County community in Dry Ridge where there were about seven Christians who were driving as much as 40 miles to worship.

In 2007, the Carmichael family moved to Dry Ridge and the church began to meet in April. They have had 33 baptisms and many public restorations, with current attendance averaging 45-50 on Sunday mornings.

They also started a church in Alvaton, Ky several years ago that has grown to about 200.

In conjunction with this effort, the North Lexington church in Lexington, KY is sponsoring a work in Harrison County. The Christians have been meeting for about three years in a room in the hospital. They have purchased property and are in the process of building a building and have incorporated as the Licking Valley church.

If you know of a congregation who is remodeling or for some other reason wants to get rid of their pews etc, please email Jerry Carmichael or call him at 859-824-6200.