LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BNc) — Elders at the Watterson Trail congregation announced an official merger date with the Middletown church. In their bulletin for the week of May 15, they wrote:

As many of you know there have been discussions over the past few years regarding the possible merger of the Middletown Church of Christ and Watterson Trail Church of Christ. Both parties have established the necessary understanding to move forward with this merger. It is anticipated that all of the necessary paperwork will be completed to make May 15th the official date of this merger. We ask that we all continue to pray for this event and that the merger between our two families become one in fellowship and spirit striving to continue to build the family of God in Louisville. We look forward to members of the Middletown Church of Christ placing membership with us and laboring with us.

According to their website the Watterson Trail church formed in 1995 as a merger of two other congregations that were in “steady decline due in part to their locations.”

No reason was given in the announcement for the latest merger, but as a process, its rationale undoubtedly has been well placed before the congregations.