CADIZ, Ky (BNC) — Authorities have arrested and charged 36-year-old Ryan Champion with the deaths of his mother, father, and sister, as well as that of Vito Riservato, according to a Lexington TV website.

Ryan’s father Lindsey was an elder in the Cadiz congregation.

The Kentucky State Police have been investigating the murders of Ryan’s mother Joy Champion,  his father Lindsey Champion, his sister Emily Champion and Vito Riservato. They were all found shot at the elder Champion’s residence in Cadiz on Sunday, Oct. 26.

Ryan was the sole survivor of the incident. The investigation gave probable cause for an arrest warrant for murder.

Ryan said he and his sister were visiting their parents and on returning from church, Riservato arrived and began shooting. Ryan said he gained the upper hand on Riservato and killed him.

The bodies were found in and around the elder Champion’s residence.

Ryan claimed that he met Riservato only a week ago. Friends stated that the two had known each other for years.



  1. It seems he was present but obviously did not die. The story notes that he claimed self defense. Heart breaking how horrible sin really is. Prayers for all including Ryan.

  2. Is this a son who who was not in the initial report or the son who was injured? I thought the first report was of the parents, a son and daughter in law with the son’s being injured but not with life threatening injuries. Did I misread, have there been updates that I missed, or has a new person entered the picture?

  3. Hmm, from reading the news articles and comments from people who knew Riservato, it seems to me that perhaps Ryan hired Riservato to kill his family, then he killed Riservato in order to eliminate him as a witness against Ryan. Apparently, Riservato had several room mates, which would indicate to me a low income. One of the room mates said Riservato mentioned someone paying him to commit murder. Ryan stated that Riservato had only met the family a week or so before. Sounds like Ryan paid Riservato and arranged for Riservato to meet his family so he would know them on sight and they would not be alarmed when he came to their house, then planned the actual murder with Riservato showing up when they returned from church at a time when it was certain the family would be there all together. They probably invited Riservato in to have lunch with them. Ryan didn’t want to be the killer himself and didn’t want his family to know he wanted them dead, but once they had been killed, Ryan either asked Riservato for the gun or fought him over it and killed him. Either Riservato shot Ryan in the process, or Ryan wounded himself to avoid suspicion. **Assuming** that the statements given by the room mates were true, that makes sense to me. The question is: why would Ryan want his family dead? Money? I’m sure the answers will come out eventually So sad for the church members and friends there to have to go through this, and especially sad if Ryan didn’t do it. Prayers for everybody involved, family, friends, neighbors, and the church there at Cadiz. Truly tragic.