WINONA, Miss. (BNC) — Today kicked off a month-long joint effort to write and publish daily prayers on the Internet, called NaPraWriMo, or National Prayer Writing Month.

The abbreviation mimics other efforts, such as National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and other month-long writing exercises, such as for weblogs.

Besides daily prayers on Forthright Press’s website,, the editors invite others to join in as well.

Ohio minister Rick Kelley was the first to join the effort, on his blog, Root Downward, Fruit Upward.

Posts on The Fellowship Room have laid out suggestions for participation:

  1. Follow (subscribe) the website, where we’ll post a prayer every day this month.
  2. Engage and react to the written prayers. Say amen by clicking Like.
  3. Post your own daily prayer on your personal blog or congregational site. If you don’t have one, use the Prayer Journal or Christian Forum. (Avoid restricted-access commercial sites like Facebook.)
  4. Tag your prayers or comments with NaPraWriMo, which stands for National Prayer Writing Month. That allows others to find you.
  5. Share with us via comments area in the previous link, or here below this post, where you’re posting your prayers, and we’ll form a list.

Anyone can join at any time. The goal is to write and publish a prayer online for each day that one participates in the effort.

Prayers can take any form. Some enjoy prayers in poetic form. Others may want to use a miniblog format like Twitter or GNU Social.

The effort seeks to encourage attention to and participation in prayer.

Forthright Press is the publishing arm of GoSpeak Ministry. It has published a number of brotherhood authors.

Its Internet ministry includes Brotherhood News and The Fellowship Room.