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Bible’s balance answer to backlash against prayer after tragedies

Nehemiah serves as a prime example of prayer and action.

GoSpeak launches 3rd annual Prayer Writing Month

Ministry invites all Christians to participate in various ways.

‘One thousand documented prayers answered’

A coworker recalls Joe Cannon’s little prayer book.

This is why I love my job

A Christian nurse calms a young man facing surgery for gunshot wounds.

Not prepared to teach? God answers prayer same day

Preacher’s wife proves the promise, ‘Ask, and you will receive.’

Church calls for joint prayer for U.S. Sep 16: ‘Christians must stand united’

‘Christians must stand united for God-ordained marriages, families, and home life.’

‘Pray for us too:’ Few churches organize prayer for missions

Why do we not pray more for the central task of the church? A few congregations are doing something.

Forthright Press hosts month of daily prayers

Today kicked off a month-long joint effort to write and publish daily prayers on the Internet, called NaPraWriMo, or National Prayer Writing Month.

Christian men in Texas pray for, and receive, rain

They went down to the lake to pray.

Flavil Nichols, man of prayer

Tribute to Flavil Nichols as a man of prayer.

Military chaplain offers prayer seminar “Call for Fire”

Using a military metaphor, Michael Summers teaches prayer to churches and schools.

Pray for Christians in difficult places

WORLD, Someplace (BNc) — Much is being done to the glory of God that cannot be reported. We regularly receive information about wonderful examples of dedication and the spread of the gospel in places where it is illegal to be… Continue Reading →

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