WORLD, Someplace (BNc) — Much is being done to the glory of God that cannot be reported.

We regularly receive information about wonderful examples of dedication and the spread of the gospel in places where it is illegal to be a Christian or where there is persecution.

We refrain from publishing these stories because to do so would endanger the work and even the lives of Christians.

Although you do not know their names or where they are, please remember these brave soldiers of the cross in prayer.

Also, thank God for the freedom of religion you have and be sure to make good use of it.

Roy Davison devotes himself to the gospel in Belgium, as well as being a part-time translator. He is the creator of the Old Paths websites (


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  1. Gentlemen, please let those brave souls know that their brethren pray for them daily. May God richly bless their lives and their labor in Christ.