DENTON, Tex. (BNC) by Cheri Deaver — God’s astounding power never fails. With Bibles open before us, and my crude illustrations of the beauty of Romans 6:3-5, we had come down to our fourth study together.

This tender-hearted, 64-year-young grandmother had already resolutely affirmed that she indeed wanted to be added to the Lord’s church. In response to the simple question of when, with no hesitation, arguing, or doubt, she answered, “Now!”

The simplicity of it all was almost surprising.

Ashamedly, for some time I had been laboring under the devil’s delusion that I was not prepared “enough” to teach the Gospel in a one-on-one setting. Through almost a year’s personal study on the subject of prayer, the morning of Aug. 5, 2015, I conscientiously stopped relying solely on my own abilities and boldly asked that He might allow me to study the Scriptures with someone who was seeking the Truth.

His strength, His word and His power would be my confidence.

That very same day, after evening Bible class ended, and we were preparing to leave, a petite Hispanic lady walked in the building.

After asking a few questions, she said her name was Paulina and she was searching for a church. She had determined to step away from her affiliation with the Catholic religion and a nephew in the Valley suggested she seek out a church of Jesus Christ. Recent personal struggles drove Paulina to initiate an investigation.

Was this the answer to my prayer earlier that very same morning?

Trying to bottle up my excitement over such a privilege, we scheduled the initial study. After some rearranging of times and dates, we opened the Word together.

Starting with Bobby Bates’ “Back to the Bible,” Lesson 1 booklet as a general guide, the Scriptures led us through the authority of the Bible and the purpose and differences between the Old and New Testaments.

Praying for wisdom and making some minor adaptations in dividing up the second lesson into two parts, she readily accepted the basic information of the organization of the church and its worship.

After the third study was completed, Paulina mentioned that although she felt it might take her longer to retain what she is learning, she always comes away from the Bible “hungry for more.”

On Sept. 13, in the waters of baptism her wrongs against the Almighty were washed away and the promise of the Spirit was given, transforming her into a new creation in Christ Jesus.

Not only does God’s power have the ability to convict and convert one who has never before come in contact with the Good News, it also continues to work His will in the lives of those whose confidence resides in the Almighty. All for Him!

Cheri is married to gospel preacher Weylan, and they work together in the Sherman Drive congregation.