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Three women prisoners find freedom in Christ


DECATUR, Ala(BNc) — Three prisoners were recently baptized into Christ at the Beltline church of Christ in Decatur, Alabama.  Lisa, Ashley, and Cassandra were given permission by authorities to leave the jail for baptism.

Danny Truitt’s wife, Deborah, a WBS teacher, had studied with the three young women. He recaps the occasion: “Two deputies brought them to the building in handcuffs and shackles. The handcuffs and shackles were removed to allow them to put on baptismal garments, and then the handcuffs were placed on them again. The ankle shackles were left off to allow them to better negotiate the steps into the baptistery.” Truitt added, “Needless to say, she is pumped beyond measure,” referring to his wife’s excitement over the baptisms.

Despite the physical chains, these women have found freedom in Christ. What a joy it is to share in this triumph with the Beltline congregation.

Photo of Ashley’s baptism taken by Esco Olinger. Article submitted to BNc. It was originally written by Jonathan Towell.

‘Baptism365′ website to register daily baptisms

PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (BNc) – A preacher wants to register baptisms around the world on his website Baptism365, as a demonstration that God is adding to the church daily.

Rick Kelly, preacher for the Prestonsburg congregation, wanted to write on the Internet, but hit two roadblocks. First, he said, “there are plenty of other beneficial writings in the brotherhood. If I did blog, I wanted to provide some other kind of service. Also, I wanted to do something that was more self-sufficient, something that wouldn’t fail if I had an overly busy week in ministry; something that could continue easily, even if I was sick; something someone else could pick up if I was away; something that would keep going almost by itself.” Read more