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Heritage reports baptisms, library growth, teaching abroad

Dr. Bill Bagents notes progress at the school, baptisms by alumni, teaching by faculty.

Three women prisoners find freedom in Christ

DECATUR, Ala(BNc) — Three prisoners were recently baptized into Christ at the Beltline church of Christ in Decatur, Alabama.  Lisa,…

Before baptism, Raimunda removes image from necklace

Isn’t this what repentance is about, leaving former allegiances behind?

‘Tremendous response': Preacher baptizes stepfather in seminar

Seminar speaker sees newly converted mother respond, baptizes his stepfather.

‘He didn’t need to study theology': Brother baptizes brother

A Christian man teaches and baptizes his physical brother.

This baptism was both spiritually and physically beautiful.

‘Rejected by all, we embraced him, and love touched his heart’

He wanted to study the Bible and found love, acceptance, and concern.

Couple put on Christ in baptism at marriage retreat

JUNDIAI, Brazil (BNc) — A couple who attended a retreat on how to relate better in marriage decided they had…

Baptisms in agitated surf firstfruits of new effort

Have an interesting story about a baptism? Here’s one.

Six baptized … at a funeral

A funeral sermon results in six baptisms.

‘I don’t want to be a bench-warming Christian’

A woman goes from a need for therapy to finding everything in Christ. partners with Baptism365

BNc is proud to announce that Baptism365 website is now a part of the Forthright/GoSpeak family. Read the interview with creator Rick Kelley.

‘Baptism365′ website to register daily baptisms

PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (BNc) – A preacher wants to register baptisms around the world on his website Baptism365, as a demonstration…

Baptism at Cenchrea

ATHENS, Greece (BNc) Niko, a 19-year-old man from Moldavia, was baptized at Cenchrea by Dinos Roussos Oct. 28.

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