FEIRA DE SANTANA, Brazil (BNc) — During a visit to her daughter, Dona Raimunda found herself in the right place and time to witness a person being immersed into Christ. Since she had been attending the congregation in her hometown of Serra Talhada and had studied the Bible with them, she decided this was her moment as well.

Before she was immersed, however, she removed a religious image from her necklace.

The removal of the image represented her repentance by abandoning her former allegiances.

“I don’t know if she requested to do that, or if Idalicio asked to removed it,” missionary Randy Short commented to BNc.

Idalicio is the evangelist in Feira de Santana, where the baptism took place. His son is married to Dona Raimunda’s daughter.

Idalicio’s wife Wilma helped to remove the image for Dona Raimunda.

A number of Christians was present in the city to talk about plans on how to reach the 417 municipalities in the state of Bahia.

“It was an exciting and edifying weekend,” Randy wrote. “I went to give some lessons and ideas about missions.”