Before baptism, Raimunda removes image from necklace


FEIRA DE SANTANA, Brazil (BNc) — During a visit to her daughter, Dona Raimunda found herself in the right place and time to witness a person being immersed into Christ. Since she had been attending the congregation in her hometown of Serra Talhada and had studied the Bible with them, she decided this was her moment as well.

Before she was immersed, however, she removed a religious image from her necklace. Continue reading

‘Tremendous response’: Preacher baptizes stepfather in seminar

Andy Chavarrilla baptizes stepfather

Andy Chavarrilla baptizes stepfather

HIGHLANDS, Tex. (BNc) by Andy Chavarrilla — This past weekend, I held a seminar on Rebuilding Faith with my good friend and colleague Brad Harrub. As we informed the congregation and visitors about what was going on in our society and how the church, if convicted, could be the solution, we had a tremendous response.

When we offered the invitation, 14 people responded.

However, something happened that I would have never expected. My parents walked down the aisle, too! Continue reading

‘He didn’t need to study theology’: Brother baptizes brother

Brother baptizes brother

Lorivan baptizes his brother Samuel

CAMPO GRANDE, Brazil (BNc) by Jose Carlos Balabuch — Lorivan understood that in order to preach the gospel and make followers of Christ (Mk 16.15-16; Mt 28.19-20), he didn’t need to study a theology course, an evangelism course or wait for a special call. Continue reading

‘Rejected by all, we embraced him, and love touched his heart’

RECIFE, Brazil (BNc) by Randy Short — He was unusual, in our circle and in yours as well, I’m sure. He came to us, the son of a denominational pastor, but had chosen not to follow his father or his father’s religion. He wanted to study the Bible.

He had gone to several local seminaries but because of his looks had been rejected by all. He was tattooed all over, and had long dreadlocks, a huge gaping hole with a “gauge” in one ear, and a huge piece of wood hanging from the other. He had studied philosophy and read about religion. Continue reading

Couple put on Christ in baptism at marriage retreat

JUNDIAI, Brazil (BNc) — A couple who attended a retreat on how to relate better in marriage decided they had better relate to Christ.

Marco Aurelio e Adriana requested baptism after a class by evangelist Marcelo Gonçalves at the retreat held at the Grinbergs Village Hotel in the nearby city of Socorro. Continue reading

‘I don’t want to be a bench-warming Christian’

Conversion stories

Missionary David McKinney baptizes Flávia

JOÃO PESSOA, Brazil (BNc) — by Joseph McKinney, Jr.

Flávia sought out Adriana McKinney for therapy, for help in dealing with years of an unhealthy marital situation. In addition to therapy, she started coming to our Wednesday prayer meeting and immediately felt welcomed and at home in the midst of God’s family.

Missionary David McKinney invited her to study the Bible. Even though she had gone through a denomination’s conversion process, when she asked about baptism, she accepted unconditionally everything the Bible teaches about it: the forgiveness, the burial with Christ, the rebirth to new life, the receiving of the Holy Spirit, and she wanted it all, right then. Continue reading

Hindu convert: ‘I know we have our eternal spirit’

DIPHU, India (BNc) — Missionary Jim Waldron included a report from Joy Sing Enghi, a graduate of the Northeast Bible Institute (NBI), in his newsletter published today.

We came to our hometown, Diphu, where we have been doing the work of ministry. On Aug. 24-25 we were in the town of Hidipi where Adamson, another school graduate, Probin and I preached in the home of a Hindu family. The lady of the house, Promila Tero, confessed Christ and said, “I want to become Christ’s disciple because I know now that we have our eternal spirit and for that reason I want to follow Him for He is the one who can give me life after death;” so she was baptized. She is 30 years old. Continue reading partners with Baptism365

by J. Randal Matheny, BNc publisher/editor

Baptism365WINONA, Miss. (BNc) – is glad to announce a partnership with Rick Kelley’s Baptism365 website.

As two sites that provide complementing news about Christians and congregations, the partnership was a natural move. Conversations between the two, initiated shortly after the launch of Baptism365, moved amicably and speedily toward an agreement.

For now, the two websites will host feeds from each other. Later, we plan an even closer integration of the two efforts. Continue reading